Olympic Memory Challenge Guidelines

In order to encourage more quizzers to memorize more of the Scripture portion each month and to provide recognition for those who do, the Rochester YFC Bible Quizzing Program is sponsoring an Olympic Memory Challenge. Quizzers are being challenged to complete one of 3 levels of memory work. Certificates will be awarded each month for completed work, and prizes will be awarded at the end of the year based on the total number of verses quoted throughout the year.

The 3 levels of monthly memory work are:

Bronze Consists of all of the Finish/Quote verses on the Blue Sheet list each month. Quizzers achieving this level will be prepared for the Finish/Quote questions in the monthly quiz meets.
Silver Consists of a composite of the verses from the WBQA Primary list and the Crown College Club 300 list. This is approximately 60% of the material for each month. Quizzers achieving this level will be prepared for the Finish/Quote questions at the Crown and Chicago tournaments.
Gold The Gold Level consists of every verse in the passage for each month. Quizzers achieving this level will obviously have an advantage over everyone else.

Within or near the last week before each quiz, quizzers are responsible to quote their verses to their coach or to another adult listener designated by their coach. The listener records on a sheet (provided each month and down loadable from our website) which verses have been completed, circles the appropriate level, and signs the sheet. On the day of the quiz, coaches turn in the record sheets for each of their quizzers at the materials table. Certificates are awarded to the quizzers at the end of the quiz meet. Afterwards, coaches should sign the certificates for each of their quizzers, and print their quizzers' names on them.

This program is being administered on the Honor System. Our intent is that the quizzers demonstrate mastery of all of the verses they intend to quote, by being able to quote them all in a single sitting, preferably shortly before the quiz each month. The listener must follow along, reading silently with the quizzer as he quotes. If a verse is not quoted word perfectly, the listener will ask the quizzer to say it again, and this can be repeated as necessary. However, if after roughly 30 seconds, the quizzer has not been able to quote the verse word perfectly, the listener will ask the quizzer to go on to the next verse. When all verses have been quoted or attempted, if there were some verses skipped over due to minor errors, but it is obvious to the listener that the quizzer has mastered the material, the quizzer may come back at a later time to simply quote the verses that were skipped over. However, if it is not obvious that the quizzer has mastered the material, all verses will need to be quoted again in a later sitting. There can be as many "trial runs" as desired by the quizzer and listener throughout the month before the quiz.

In order to encourage particularly some of the younger quizzers, those in the Little League who are quoting for the Silver level are permitted a maximum of two sittings while those quoting for the Gold level are permitted a maximum of three sittings.

To get started, the quizzer and listener agree upon which verse is to be quoted next by its reference. Consecutive verses may be quoted together, however, without giving references for the subsequent verses.

In addition, we want to give all quizzers credit for whatever verses are quoted, whether or not they coincide with the bronze, silver, or gold levels. So quizzers should be encouraged to quote as many verses as possible (perhaps in addition to whatever level they're quoting for each month). And even OMC sheets turned in late can be counted for the year (though not for the month). At the end of the year, the award level will be determined by total number of verses quoted, not based on how many monthly bronze, silver, or golds they achieved. So, when filling out an OMC form, remember to also tally the total number of verses quoted.

Here are the forms.