Friends of Quizzing- Ooops! A week late... Sorry! The distractions of a blessed Christmas didn't interfere with anyone's quizzing that I could notice. Solid performances by everyone! Praise God for the many Olympic Memory Challenge certificates presented and for the great quizzing scores across the board. Hang in there-- only two more tournaments to go! And remember, at the March tournament, OMC participants will receive medallions (Gold, Silver or Bronze) and/or the biggest chocolate bar in the world. Memorize 100% of the material and you'll earn a coveted "100% Club" tee-shirt. Quizzers will receive trophies, for both team (1st through 3rd) and individual performances (1st through 5th)! The "Old Quizzers Never Die, They Just Quiz Out" Exhibition Quiz at the end of the day was amazing! We have a lot of adults who are being great examples for the quizzers under their influence. Well done! And it was just plain fun too... Cheers from quizzers in the crowd fueled a lot of enthusiasm. And speaking of cheers, continue to set your sights on the Chicago tournament. We need to register immediately after next month's quiz meet. Let's gather at the front right after awards in February to put a plan in place. Remember, the quiz program will supply the team registration fees and if there is any individual or family that can't go only because of cost, talk to me or someone on the committee-- we have some scholarship funds that will get you on the road. The February Fellowship Event will be "Noon Brown Bag"-- bring your Subway, Jimmy John, McD or PB&J to the church at noon before the quiz and we'll share lunch together. Chips and drinks will be provided. God Bless the rest of your January -and- See you on February 11th! Jim Benson Director Rochester YFC Bible Quizzing P.S. We are way-short on PICTURES!! Do you have some pictures to share? Send them my way!! P.P.S. We got the bottom of the ribbon mix-up in the Novice League... coaches it might be worth while to double-check your quizzers' scores with the official scores linked below-- goofs happen!